Customized project structures designed to grow your organization.


For Educators:

developing collaborative classroom communities

In partnership with StartingBloc, Looking Glass Strategy is offering this immersive, engaging, highly collaborative 3-hour session. Educators will develop skills and practice tools to develop collaboration skills in their classrooms, and students will practice naming their value systems, navigating tension, embracing creativity and asking for feedback.

deep dive human-centered design seminar

An 8- week long Human-Centered Design LEARN+DO workshop series with Education Professionals, co-designed with the leadership at LREI.

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Immersive professional development workshops that build design thinking skills, mindsets, and tools among participants - a great entry point to organizations and teams new to creative problem-solving. Topics include:

  • Design Thinking for Mission-Driven Organizations

  • Empathy for Educators

  • Radical Collaboration + Team Dynamics

  • Introduction to Prototyping


Facilitating strategy sessions - from agenda design through post-meeting reports - to support growing and changing organizations.

Ideation Station

A facilitated design sprint of customized duration, focused on generating new, implementable solutions to your most complex challenges.


program design

Co-creation of curricula, program structures, and action plans to bring design thinking and innovation into your organization's set of offerings.





mission + vision design 

Collaborating with your senior team to create or evolve organizational mission + vision—grounded in meaningful insight about constituents and stakeholders, competitive research, and organizational growth goals.


Comprehensive audit of brand within competitive context, as well as development of brand strategy - including mission, vision, values, and key messages.

insight generation

Using design empathy to generate authentic, usable insights about your organization's community—from end user (students, beneficiaries, etc.) to stakeholders—that will help guide decision-making for your organization.

content development + review

Design, creation, and/or copyediting of marketing content and messaging, developed for specific audiences and written with your brand assets as guides. 

Strategy design

Partnering with education leaders to co-develop strategic plans, annual goals, or team-based projects—using design thinking as our vehicle for creation.